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I've begun clearing the backlog of unposted story updates for my site. Hopefully, the site will be fully updated within the next week or so.

I've also been plugging away at my own writing. There is some progress being made and I will reiterate that none of my stories or series have been discontinued or abandoned. I am, however, struggling with writing (yes, again *sigh*), as a few nasty surprises in Real Life have apparently sent my muses into hiding once more. Any new stories that get posted will be complete prior to posting, as I do not want any more WIPs out in public. New chapters for existing stories will only be posted if they don't end with cliffhangers (unless the following chapter(s) to resolve the cliffhanger are also completed).

Any outstanding charity/auction items from me - be they stories or whatever - will be honoured as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee when that might be. I sincerely apologize for the delays (and everyone please note that I no longer offer anything for auctions that is not already finished and ready to go, as I've learnt my lesson). Thank you for your patience.

If anyone is/has been trying to contact me, I also apologize as I have been completely unable to keep up with email, LJ, and fic comments. Unfortunately, I don't see that changing anytime soon, as I'm going to continue to be rather badly overwhelmed with a number of things for the foreseeable future. Whatever time, energy, and inspiration that I manage to scrape together will be spent on writing, when the muses cooperate, and guest fic updates, when the muses do not.

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