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Yes, we have ficcage. Short, but ficcage. And for The Sentinel, no less, which I haven't posted anything for in... well, way too long. *relieved sigh*

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Jan. 29th, 2006 11:22 pm
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I give up. I've been stubbornly resisting a couple of plot bunnies for weeks now, but in the process I've apparently finally ended up blocking myself on all the other stories that I'm supposed to be working on. The only thing I've actually managed to get done was "A Night of Male Bonding" (J/B, AU, Simon POV), a little TS ficlet for [ profile] sentinel_thurs (forgot to post a link here when I posted to the community a few days ago - doh!).

As for the annoyingly persistent plot bunnies and my stubborn refusal to do anything with them - there's a reason. A big reason.

Namely, they're neither TS nor GW. :P Like I really needed plot bunnies for another fandom. Particularly, plot bunnies with fangs. Sharp, pointy ones. It's all her fault. *points at [ profile] lit_gal and sulks*

Darn it - why the heck have I managed to get away with reading J/D SG-1 fics - a lot of them - on an ongoing basis without so much as a plot bunny nibble, yet I read a few S/X stories thanks to one darn TS/BTVS crossover tweaking my S/X interest, and end up reading my way through far too many rec lists and getting a severe case of attack-of-the-vamp-plot-bunnies?!?! (Mind you, if BTVS had been nearly as good as some of the stories I've read, I might have kept watching it after the first few seasons...)

So - since I refuse to spend huge amounts of time researching canon and labouring over characterization, just for the sake of a couple of very toothy bunnies, I'm going to scribble the darn things down, then most likely deep-six them in the darkest depths of my hard drive, never to see the light of day. Hopefully, that will free the muse back up for working on the things that I should be working on. *crosses fingers and eyes current WordPerfect document*

*sighs* Err, just out of curiosity... Does anyone actually want to see these S/X (aka Spander *winces at cutesy term*) fics, assuming that they actually end up in a semi-readable state? *pokes fic gingerly*


Dec. 26th, 2005 09:57 pm
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I totally forgot to post a link to my [ profile] ts_secretsanta story after the authors were revealed the other day. Keeping Tally is h/c with an itty bitty bit of angst and very slight J/B pre-slash. TS fans, if you missed out on reading the Secret Santa stories as they were posted, you really should go take a look.
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The Path to Trust - Part 2 )
calic0cat: (Default) a little early since I may not get a chance to do it tomorrow. It's one of my TS stories written for this year's Moonridge Auction. It can be read as pre-slash or, I think, as gen, depending on how the reader wants to see it. My regular readers will know which I had in mind while writing it. *grin* It's not - quite - a crossover, though it does contain somewhat of an homage to a recently-deceased author whose books I grew up reading. Posting to LJ first, though I'll try to get it up on my site and 852 Prospect later today or tomorrow. Split into two postings since LJ's so stupid about post length. :P

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