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I've only been doing fused glass work for a few months. It's pretty cool to work with, but I have to have it fired at the shop since I don't have a kiln (or the spare grand or two to buy one). As long as only one firing is needed, however, it isn't too expensive to get a shelf full of items done, and classes automatically include all materials and kiln costs. So, here's a few things that I've done.

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Tax season. Blech. Hopefully, I'll finally track down those missing charitable donation receipts tomorrow night so that I can get the stupid income tax return taken care of (ie., get it dropped off to have it done). A couple of charities sent me the receipts right after I donated last year, and I put them somewhere safe, where I'd be sure to find them when I needed them for income taxes.

Someplace that I'd be sure to find them. Good plan.

Now if I could just figure out where the heck that was. :P

Anyhow, still working on the next couple of things for posting, but unfortunately this weekend is looking a little ugly. There's a church dinner Saturday and my mom's trying to twist my arm into wasting my day helping with the prep work. :P Sunday is also busy, though for a more pleasant reason - tickets to a local production of "Cats" Sunday evening. Crossing my fingers that I'll get something finished anyway, but... *shrugs* Don't hold your breath, folks.

However, in between tearing the house apart looking for income tax stuff, I was playing around a bit with my new digital camera (the wonderfully compact Canon Powershot SD30) and, since someone previously asked about pics of my stained glass work, I thought I should (finally!) post a few:

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I really don't have a whole lot of my copper-foil work around to photograph, since most of it has been given away as gifts (fan lamps and suncatchers, mainly) and the long-delayed projects from last year's Moonridge Auction are out in my work area waiting for the backordered glass to arrive so I can fill in the missing pieces and finish them up (the bevels finally came in, so I may just give up on the still-missing Wissmach 503-D opalescent granite and do a little creative redesign - this is getting ridiculous).

I'll post a few pics of my fused glass projects separately.

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