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I've updated several of the guest fics and added stories by two new authors. "Battlestar Andromeda" is a 1x2 Gundam Wing WIP by bekkalynn. "Oath Breaker" is a complete Harry Potter fic (HP/DM, LM/NM/SS) by Goblin Cat KC (aka KC - yes, the same one who used to write in GW fandom, aka [ profile] kc_anathema); its prologue is a gen Harry Potter drabble set centuries earlier. I hope to add more guest fics in future but have yet to contact the authors. If anyone has a really great guest fic suggestion for me, feel free to mention it as I'm unfortunately unable to find the time to really search for good new stories anymore. My guidelines are pretty basic: only my standard pairings - 1x2 and 1x2x5 for GW, Harry/Draco (with the occasional Harry/Draco/other) for HP, Jim/Blair for TS, and Spike/Xander for BtVS) - and happy/hopeful endings only. I also tend to stick to authors who aren't widely archived and/or do not have a large, stable website of their own, though I do make occasional exceptions. If someone's only archived at and/or LJ (or one of its siblings such as InsaneJournal or DeadJournal), plus maybe one or two smaller sites, I'd certainly consider their stories to be eligible. I just don't see much point to duplicating the efforts of others, if a story already has a well-established web presence.

I am still working on my own stories but nothing is ready for posting. I will not be posting parts for any WIPs until I have at least a couple of extra parts completed - particularly wherever cliffhangers may be involved. The holidays were extremely busy and I did not get as much accomplished as I hoped. Writing would be so much easier if Real Life didn't keep getting in the way... :P
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I'm still pretty busy, mostly with Real Life stuff. However, I've had a bit of time over the past few days (and hopefully through the Easter weekend as well *crosses fingers*) and I've managed to get a few website updates underway.

In the Harry Potter fandom, I've started uploading several new guest stories to the site, two of which are actually completed elsewhere, so I should have them fully uploaded within the next few days. I also uploaded "Family", one of the ficlets in my BtVS/HP crossover series, "Not Synonymous"; somehow, I'd missed uploading it previously.

In the Gundam Wing fandom, I've updated Capricious Purple Clarity's "Harry Potter and the Forgotten Heirs" with the latest chapter and I've started uploading a new guest fic, Comechatcha's "A Thief in One Life, A Thief in the Next" (2x1, 3x4, HxK), a nearly-complete crossover with Yu Yu Hakusho. It will probably take me the rest of the week to get caught up with posting it.

Hopefully, I'll manage to get some writing done later this week; right now, my brain is just too tired to be creative. :P
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Over the course of the last three or four days, I've managed a fairly substantial update to my website. I think I've got my own fic postings mostly up to date and most of the guest fics have now been updated as well. I really need to get back to moving stuff over from my old site, however, as several major multi-parts still just link back to it. :P Hopefully, I'll manage to find the time before I end up having to pay for another year on the old server. *sighs* I also want to start contacting some new authors about guest fics. Plus, I really should be helping with the testing of the next eFiction release and converting over my skins from the previous version. *groans*

Except, of course, there's a horse show this weekend and stuff going on for the next two weekends as well, and I've just started going to Aquafit sessions at least two or three times per week which pretty much ties up those evenings, so... *shrugs* I'll have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully, the Aquafit will actually end up boosting my energy in the long-run. *crosses fingers*

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I've posted Chapters 25 & 26 of Capricious Purple Clarity's 1=2 GW crossover "Harry Potter and the Secret Link"; hopefully, I'll get 27 & 28 up tomorrow night. If not, I won't be able to get them posted till the weekend, since I'm going to be away all day Friday (going to the Can-Am Equine Expo in London, ON). Still working on the remainder of "Kindergarten Heero", but hopefully it'll be ready soonish. *crosses fingers*

As for the possible project... I have a bunch of doujinshis, some of which make me very, very curious about the actual plotline that goes with the gorgeous artwork. Through a friend of a friend, I've been made aware of someone who does high quality Japanese-English translation work in his free time. He's lived and worked in Japan in the past and has done professional translation work over the years since returning to the U.S. His translation rate is 5 cents per English word, and he will work on shounen ai/yaoi materials. So... I'm considering having him do some translations for me. Would anyone else be interested in chipping in and making this a group project? Anyone have a particular doujinshi already scanned in that they're just dying to have translated?

Err, and I do have permission to pass his contact info along if anyone else wishes to contract him directly...
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I think that I finally have my website fixed so that there shouldn't be any more mysteriously missing chapters. *crosses fingers* Hopefully, I haven't screwed anything else up in the process, since I had to set up a temporary site, re-run the upgrade from eFiction 1.1 to eFiction 2 on a backup of my old MySQL database, then export the chapter table data for all of stories that were in the database at that time and replace the faulty table data in the live site with that. *keels over in exhaustion* My head hurts... *whimpers*

Oh well, it was still better than having to manually re-create the database records for missing chapters (which also would have meant combing through the site to find every last one of them first), or reverting the live site to the old backup and re-running the upgrade, then re-uploading all the stories that had been posted since the original upgrade attempt. If anyone notices any more missing chapters or other issues, please let me know. I'll try not to scream too loudly. :P

So, now that I (hopefully) have that fixed, the next item on my to-do list is actually updating the site. *sweatdrops* I have a number of new chapters to be uploaded for guest authors. Hopefully, I'll get that done by the end of the week. *crosses fingers*

And with a little luck, I'll even have the next Kindergarten Heero chapter ready for posting by then, too.
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Over the past week or so, I've updated the following stories on my website (edited since I've updated a few more things):

Jayni's "Alone" (GW, 1x2) - Chapter 11
Keiran's "A World in a Grain of Sand" (GW AU, 1x2) - Chapter 21, which completes the story
Capricious Purple Clarity's "Harry Potter and the Secret Link" (GW Crossover, 1x2) - Chapters 21, 22, & 23 [edit] & 24 [/edit]

The following stories have been added:

my own "Keeping Tally" (TS, J/B pre-slash) - complete
my own "Mission: Nerima" (GW Crossover, 1x2, WIP) - Chapter 1
Fiery-icicle's "Love That Kills" (GW, 1x2x5) - 19 parts, Complete
Fiery-icicle's "Forbidden Love" (GW AU, Fantasy, 1x2, 3x4, 13x5, 6x9, WIP) - Chapters 1-6
Fiery-icicle's "A Glimpse in Time" (GW 1x2, ficlet series) - Chapter 1 (more to be posted later)

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