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I really wanted to get this posted in time for Harry's birthday but didn't quite make it (at least not in my own timezone). However, it's still July 31st in some places, so I'm going to go ahead and post it - and hopefully won't find five-billion errors when I re-read it again after a good night's sleep. :P

Fits into the universe sometime after "Wish" and before "Family".

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Just a little ficlet that fits in sometime not too long after "Wish". Hopefully, the next drabble I tackle will lead to progress on another WIP... *crosses fingers*

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Just a short little ficlet this time.

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Finally came up with a title for both the series and the fic. No major changes here, just a few minor edits for punctuation and wording. I'm reposting it for the sake of convenience in tagging and so that those avoiding it because it was posted as a random scribble will be aware that it's now officially one of a series.

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Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter

Series Pairings: Xander/Spike, Giles/Ethan/Anyanka, Tara/Willow/Oz, Drusilla/Cordelia, Buffy/Riley, Angel(us)/Wes, Harry/Draco, possibly others

Rating: Will vary from story to story

Series Warnings: Swearing, Mention of Threesomes, Slash, more to be added as required

The "Not Synonymous" series is a BtVS/HP crossover. It is majorly AU both for BtVS (events took a right turn at Albuquerque beginning sometime around "School Hard" in Season Two) & for HP (for reasons which will become obvious in a hurry). HP's timeline is shifted so that its Book One/Year One begins a year after BtVS Season Seven.

Stories in the series are *not* being written in chronological order, nor do they necessarily need to be read in any particular order (though "Visit" actually does make a good starting point).

Stories in order written:


Stories in chronological order:


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