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*waves sheepishly* Err, hi, everyone. Long time no see, eh?

I've finally finished moving all the stories from my old site to my one (and let's not discuss just how many years it's taken me to complete that not-so-little task...). I've also posted most of the chapter updates for guest fics on my site, plus I've started adding some new guest fics. I also discovered that I'd never gotten around to uploading Chapter 8 of my own "Mission: Nerima", so I took care of that as well. Which inspired me to drag out the chapter fragments that I've had kicking around for the past year or two, and...


(Mission: Nerima - Chapter 9 (GW, WIP, crossover, eventual 1x2, 3x4, Ranma/Ryoga, FRT) )

Please excuse any errors; I'm a little out of practice at the moment. *sweatdrops* Hopefully, I got the worst of the writing issues cleaned up without destroying this fic's rather - err, unique, shall we say? - "feel". However, do feel free to point out any remaining problems that you notice, so I can fix them before I post this anywhere else.

Now, if I can just figure out how to fix some of the most glaring "very-old-fic" issues in the remaining parts of this... *pokes chapter fragments and cringes*
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...a really long while, actually... however, at long last, here's the next installment of "Mission: Nerima". Which I will hopefully not find umpteen jillion errors in later, since I am once again struggling to keep my eyes open while posting it...

Mission: Nerima - Chapter 8 (GW, WIP, crossover, eventual 1x2, 3x4, Ranma/Ryoga, FRT) )

Sorry it's taken so long but I'm discovering the need for some fairly major plotline tweaking. :P

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is "Mission: Nerima" again. Hopefully, there's no major mistakes in it, since I kept dozing off while sitting here proof-reading it for the umpteenth time. :P I'm hoping to have something else ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but no guarantees.

Mission: Nerima - Chapter 7 (GW, WIP, crossover, eventual 1x2, 3x4, Ranma x Ryoga, FRT/PG-13) )

calic0cat: (Default) "Mission: Nerima" Chapter 6. It's a little shorter than usual, but it was the logical place for a chapter break. I'm hoping to have something else ready later this week, but... well, we'll see.

Mission: Nerima - Chapter 6 (GW, WIP, crossover, eventual 1x2, 3x4, Ranma x Ryoga, FRT/PG-13) )

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I've missed a couple of weeks now. :(

Ah well, it's a bit belated, but I do finally have something ready. This chapter was done before, but I ended up adding a new opening scene since I decided that I'd glossed over too much between the end of the last chapter and the original beginning of this one.

Mission: Nerima Chapter 5 (GW, WIP, crossover, eventual 1x2, 3x4, Ranma x Ryoga) )

calic0cat: (Default) "Mission: Nerima" Chapter 4. I'd intended to have something else ready, but it's not - hopefully, I'll have it done for next week instead.

Mission: Nerima Chapter 4 (GW, WIP, eventual 1x2, 3x4, Ranma x Ryoga) )

Previous parts are here.

For pretty comprehensive background info on Ranma characters, places, items, etc., try here.

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I suppose I could be mean and say that the GW500 ficlet counts as this week's fic posting, but I have a feeling that would be a somewhat unpopular decision. So, since I previously more-or-less promised another "Mission: Nerima" chapter would be posted before the end of August, I guess that makes it the automatic choice for today.

Mission: Nerima - Chapter 3 (GW/Ranma WIP, eventual 1x2, 3x4, & Ranma/Ryoga) )

Now, back to my attempts to actually get something written today, after losing most of the day to a family birthday gathering...
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Well, it's August and I *did* say I'd post one or two parts per month of this thing, so I'm going to go ahead and post the second part of this, in which the crossover is revealed. Once again, no archiving yet, please. This *is* a WIP, after all...

GW Crossover WIP Chapter 1

GW Crossover WIP Chapter 2 )
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Whether you're going to like it is a totally different question. I gave this a quick once-over to fix some of the more glaring stylistic flaws (you don't want to know how many references to "the braided boy" and so on were in this before... *winces*) and try to make it more closely match my current writing style. I'm asking up-front that no one archive this - whenever it's done, I'll allow it to be archived, but until then, I don't want it posted anywhere other than on my LJ. My writing style has changed a lot in the time since this was originally started - just compare "Mission: Marriage" to some of my more recent fics and you'll see what I mean - so it'll probably need a serious beta-job once it's finished. Consider this a true WIP - just a couple of steps up from a genuine rough draft.

I'm not going to reveal what this is crossed over with just yet. The next chapter will give it away clearly, but there's enough clues in this one that someone may manage to guess. *grins* Feel free to try. This is titled; I'm just not telling it yet, since it'll give away the crossover.

GW crossover fic Chapter 1 )

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