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For all the fans out there - be they fans of a show or a book or whatever the case may be - I'd like to recommend that you go read Salvos Against Big Brother, an ongoing series of articles by author Eric Flint. Published in the Jim Baen's Universe online sci-fi magazine over the past year or so, they're a thought-provoking look at just how free distribution of music/books/etc. actually benefits authors/singers/etc., contrary to the hogwash touted by the RIA (among others, including certain authors, studios, and publishing companies). The whole concept of "fair use" comes up repeatedly, along with the idea that copyright has become far too restrictive. Flint doesn't just offer rhetoric, either - he offers hard facts to back up his statements (such as the fact that, directly contrary to normal book sales, several of his own novels sold (and have continued to sell) more copies after he made them available in the Baen Free Library than they did before).

Go, read, and soak up the arguments. Methinks they apply to fanart and fanfic just as well as to the topics that Flint is addressing directly. If only more authors/singers/artists felt this way and banded together to force the publishing/recording/TV & movie companies to fall in line... *wistful sigh*

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