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It's here at last!

LWH#107 - Preparation Part 8 )

Keep your fingers crossed, folks, the muse seems to be on a (slight) roll here...
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Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Canadians out there! Thought I'd better get busy and post this before heading off to my brother's place for a small family dinner. Whether you're waiting to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, or just about to go on lunch break, here's this week's little bit of fic to go along with it...

LWH #106 - Preparation - Part 7 )

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...up just in time for a little lunchtime reading, for those of us on EST. Once again, it's probably not quite what everyone was expecting, but hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. *grins*

LWH #105 Preparation - Part 6 )
calic0cat: (Default)'s the weekly fic update. Fair warning - it's a little short, and probably not quite what anyone was expecting...

LWH #104 Preparation - Part 5 )
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...for this week is Life with Heero #103.

LWH #103 - Preparation - Part 4 )

Also, just a note regarding my fic offer over on [ profile] fandom_charity - I've had one taker for 2000 words in my TS "Lifebond" universe, [edit] and [ profile] ravensilver has pitched in with a library donation for a GW fic (details to be determined) that will take up the remainder of what I was offering, plus a bit over. but that's it so far, somewhat to my surprise considering how often I'm getting poked for new GW "Sweeper Three" parts or a GW "Winning Duo" sequel, and for a TS "Symbiosis" sequel. *shrug* Anyway, I'm prepared to take up to 5000 words total for now, so there's still another 3000 words available in exchange for a donation to one of the listed animal rescue agencies involved in the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort. [/edit] If you'd rather not donate towards animal rescue, I'll add one additional option to the list of charitable organizations - any of the library-related charities listed by The Children's Book Council. If you're curious as to just how badly the libraries fared in the storm, the American Library Association has a news page. Some libraries are closing their (no longer existent) doors for good. :(

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Well, "Life with Heero" #102 won the "post it next" vote by a landslide (29 votes while the other two options only got one vote each). So, this week's fic posting is:

Life with Heero #102 - Preparation - Part 3 )
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I still don't have a site update ready, and I'm not sure whether I will have one in the near future. Why? Because I'm doing a major site redesign, including a move to a new webhost, my own domain, and a switch from hand-coded HTML to a site running on the eFiction script, and I'm not too sure that I want to waste time updating the old version of the site when I'm going to be changing the whole thing within the next few weeks anyway. One of the main reasons for changing the site to an automated, template-based archive is that I'd like to archive more guest fics, including starting up a guest fic archive for The Sentinel, but hand-coding everything just takes too darn much time. As part of the changeover, I'm also switching to using <a href="">The Fan Rated Rating System</a> as a pre-emptive move in light of the MPAA's harassment of fanfic sites using their ratings.

So - no site update yet, and there probably won't be one until I'm ready to roll out the new site (which will hopefully take place within a couple of weeks).

However, I do have the next LWH installment finished. It's a bit short, but necessary to move the story along.

LWH #101 Preparation - Part 2 )

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