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Well, folks, at long last, here's a new installment for one of my many WIPs. Hopefully, this is a sign that the muses are going to be at least slightly more cooperative. :P At any rate, here you go, enjoy!

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 17 (GW, AU, Fusion, WIP, 1+2) )

I'm currently estimating one more chapter plus an epilogue for this one, but... *shrugs* ...sometimes things don't go according to plan, so I could be wrong...

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...since I've kept everyone waiting so long for it already. I was deeply shocked when this suddenly decided to cooperate last night.

Kindergarten Heero - Chapter 16 )

And now, I'm off to bed since there's a horse show tomorrow, which means an early morning and a long, tiring day...
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...thought not nearly as productive as I'd hoped. :P Have been struggling with a bad case of writers' block for the past few weeks and thought it was caused by how busy/stressed I was at work. Well, the first couple of days of vacation brought no improvement so I decided to try staying offline and away from the word processor starting on Monday. I spent my mornings outdoors working with the horses and doing fall yardwork and my afternoons/evenings watching my Sentinel VCDs and GW DVDs. I also got lots of sleep - 8 hours per night on average and a two-three hour nap virtually every afternoon. My allergies are still driving me nuts but other than that I'm feeling much better and I actually got some writing done yesterday *gasp*. So anyway, here - finally! - is Chapter 15 of "Kindergarten Heero"... Enjoy!

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 15 )
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My DSL has been down all day.  It's finally back up *crosses fingers* hopefully to stay!

Here's the next installment of "Kindergarten Heero".  Enjoy!

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 14 )

Oh, and for those of you reading my Sentinel ficlets, I posted another one over on [ profile] sentinel_thurs on Thursday then forgot (again!) to post a link here.  I'm not sure whether it's the end of the "Clue" series or if there'll be another one - depends whether my lemon muse decides to cooperate.  At any rate, "Clue Mating Season" is the latest installment in that little series.
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For the moment, this is the only place this is up; I'll post it in the rest of the usual places later today or maybe tomorrow. Enjoy, folks!

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 13 )
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Well, it's been much too long since this had an update but here it is at last:

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 12 )

I'll try to get a website update done sometime this weekend. Have to figure out what I'm going to do with my one lonely The Sentinel ficlet first... And do a sequel for it, maybe...

Still working on LWH #94... among other things...
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Just finished a site update:

Casey Valhalla's "Glory" Part 27 and "Great America" Prologue-Part 2
CleverYoungThief's "Fell in Love with a Boy"
Maldoror's "Trial and Error" Chapters 11-14

and of course...

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 11 )

Yes, *finally*!

And now, I'm off to read Sunhawk's latest "Road Trip" installment...
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*sigh* Okay, folks, here it is. I'm so burnt out from that network security course last week that I've barely accomplished *anything* on the computer this weekend - but I'm at least going to post this tonight.

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 10 )
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Updated my website again. The muse is being decidedly uncooperative but at least I'm getting some other things taken care of.

Guest fics: added "Chess", a 3+/x5 sidefic for Nomi's "D.C. Saga" plus Chapters 1-11 of Sol's "Dancing with the Rude Boys".

Also added Chapter 9 of "Kindergarten Heero". Hopefully I'll get 10 done sometime this week so I don't get too far off schedule with posting but it's going to be a nasty week for me and the muse is *already* being uncooperative - so no guarantees.

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 9 )
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I'll get this out on the mailing lists, Mediaminer, and my site tomorrow. Hopefully... *crosses fingers* For now, though, this is the only place it's posted...

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 8 )
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Here's the weekly installment of "Kindergarten Heero". Enjoy!

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 7 )
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Well, it was exactly one month ago that I posted Chapter 1 and said I hoped to post one chapter per week. So it seems only appropriate that I go ahead and post Chapter 6 today.

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 6 )
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Just updated my site with Holiday Series #8 and "Kindergarten Heero" Chapter 5 (almost forgot to post a part this week...). Also added Part 14 of Karen's Dragonheart and fanart for Casey Valhalla's "Glory".

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 5 )
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Argh. I don't think that I'm going to get my site updated tonight. But I went ahead and sent out "Kindergarten Heero" Chapter 4 to the mailing lists and I'm posting it here now. I'll do an update on the site tomorrow night; there's a bunch of guest fic updates waiting too but I'm just too stressed from the server problems at work today to do HTML coding right now.

//edit// Well, I didn't get the Guest Fics done but I *did* get the KH chapter up on my site. Will get the Guest Fics up tomorrow - I hope... //end edit//

Here's Kindergarten Heero Chapter 4 )
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Well, I just posted LWH #82 yesterday but I *did* promise to try and post one part of Kindergarten Heero per week, so - here it is...

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 3 )
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Just updated my site. The latest chapter (#39) of Sol's "Drums of Heaven" went up on the Guest Fics page and Chapter 2 of my own "Kindergarten Heero" also went up.

Since I changed the breaking point for the end of Chapter 2 of "Kindergarten Heero" from the spot that I cut off at when I posted the snippet here before, I'm reposting Chapter 2 for those who prefer to read on LJ.

Kindergarten Heero Chapter 2 )
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I'm going to be away all weekend - leaving early tomorrow AM and returning late Sunday - so there won't be any updates to my site or any fic postings. There *will* be at least another part of "Fragments" shortly after I get back, however. It's almost completed already but it needs some editing still.

Since I'm feeling guilty about not even getting the Guest Fics on my site updated let alone managing to post anything of my own, I'll share a bit of a teaser from an in-progress fic that's not quite ready for posting as of yet. We'll see if anyone can figure out what this is a fusion with... *grin*

Read more... )

And yes, I promise it *is* 1x2. And it's *long*, folks. Maybe not quite as long as "Fragments" or "Winning Duo" but it's pretty long nevertheless...

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