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I swear, HP bunnies must be able to apparate because they keep ending up in other fandoms' bunny pens and crossbreeding. :P Finished this late last night and held on to it till I gave it a once-over at lunch today.

Let's see if anyone figures this crossover out before the last line gives it away.

HP drabble/ficlet - gen, AU, xover, FRC (Fan Rated Suitable for Children) )
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...I finally have a tiny bit of something to post. *checks journal* Good grief, I can't believe it's been well over a year since the last part of this went up. Yikes. *eyes posting dates of other WIPs and winces again* Still working on other stories as well. Frustratingly enough, the muses were cooperating this weekend but my mom kept interrupting me to rescue her from computer problems. *head->desk* Argh!

Anyway, here's the next (somewhat short, sorry!) part of that untitled HP/BtVS crossover WIP. Let's not discuss how many times I've re-written this in order to get things to fall in place for the following parts, shall we?

Untitled BtVS/HP xover, eventual S/X slash (& probably H/D pre-slash), Rated FRT/PG-13 (for language), 4/? )

Previous bits here: 1, 2, and 3.
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Why, oh why, does HP seem to spawn so darn many AU xover drabbles/ficlets for me when every other fandom spawns long stories? And why won't the darn muse let me concentrate on my WIPs instead of providing me with these annoyingly persistent new plot bunnies? *sigh*

HP drabble/ficlet - gen, AU, xover, FRC (Fan Rated Suitable for Children) )
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I really wanted to get this posted in time for Harry's birthday but didn't quite make it (at least not in my own timezone). However, it's still July 31st in some places, so I'm going to go ahead and post it - and hopefully won't find five-billion errors when I re-read it again after a good night's sleep. :P

Fits into the universe sometime after "Wish" and before "Family".

BtVS/HP crossover, Birthday, Not Synonymous universe, AU, FRC )
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Ack. What is it with me and crossovers lately? Not to mention me and writing short things, especially in the HP fandom. Anything else, I get to write a few paragraphs of some monster-length plot, but HP, I get to write drabbles and ficlets. *pokes muse*

Err, and what's with the gen ficlet bunnies? *pokes muse again*

Untitled HP ficlet, HP/OMG! xover, gen, Rated FRC )

*Note: in case anyone doesn't recognize the other series, OMG! (aka AMG!) is Oh (Ah!) My Goddess! (Japanese title: Aa! Megami-sama!). Wikipedia has a decent explanation of the series here:
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I have no clue where this came from. *eyes drabble* Ah well, at this point, I'll take whatever the muse has to offer. No matter how totally random it may be...

Untitled Random HP Drabble - Gen, Rated FRT, Word Count: 146 )

*blinks in bemusement* Like I said, totally random... (and quite possibly the shortest thing I've ever written...)
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Just a little ficlet that fits in sometime not too long after "Wish". Hopefully, the next drabble I tackle will lead to progress on another WIP... *crosses fingers*

BtVS/HP crossover, Family, Not Synonymous universe, AU, FRC )
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Well, this little drabble ended up actually staying a drabble (472 words), at least for the moment. *pokes drabble* But I'm not too sure that drabbles are supposed to take longer to edit than to write... I've spent three days picking away at this after getting inspired and writing it in a matter of half an hour or so. Somehow, I don't think that's quite how drabbles are supposed to work... Oh well. At any rate, here's the drabble (request: HP, boggled, crossover) for [ profile] amarin_rose:

HP Crossover Drabble, gen, Rating: FRC )

Hopefully, one of the other requests will decide to cooperate now...
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*groan* Yet another horse show coming up this weekend... Ugh... I hope our "steady Eddie" gelding behaves better than he did at the last one... He's like that poem about the girl with the little curl - when he's good, he's very, very good, but when he's bad, he's horrid. :P At the last show, I had to actually pull him out of class, he was so bad (having the horse turn so that he's at a 90 degree angle to the wagon he's pulling is not, generally speaking, a good thing - especially when he's supposed to be going straight... *sweatdrop*).

Anyway, aside from horse-related stuff, I've been working on a few fandom-related things. Unfortunately, the only bit of writing that I'm prepared to offer at the moment is another bit of the same BTVS-HP crossover that I've posted a couple of bits of previously. Still untitled, too.

BTVS scribble #4, crossover, eventual S/X, rated FRT, 3/? )

Previous bits here: 1 and 2.
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Yeesh. I can hardly wait for winter to get here; summer's just too darn busy. :P Every time that I think things are due to settle down, something else comes up and I end up even more swamped than before. Ugh. Aquafit classes three times a week, lawn & garden work at home, horse shows, half of the annual computer budget's worth of new server and workstation hardware to be set up and installed at work, annual software upgrades that involve weeks of phone-tag and nagging support staff... Restoring and patching my website after a spate of hacking attacks against sites running on the eFiction script, like mine... *groan*

The list just keeps on growing. Oh yeah, mustn't forget testing out eFiction 3.0beta and trying to get my website ready for that upgrade sometime in the next month or two (including finally moving the last stories over from my old site, before I end up paying for yet another year of hosting there as well...) *sigh* I need a vacation - and the extra-long weekend I'm taking this weekend doesn't count, since that's time taken off for a horse show. :P

As far as writing goes, I've been pretty non-productive in the limited time I've spent trying to get something done. However, I did get a little more polishing done on the next chunk of the last bit of random scribbling that I posted, so...

BtVS scribble #4, crossover, eventual S/X, rated FRT, 2/? )

Oh yeah, previous part of this is here.

*sigh* Only one more bit of this that's even close to ready for posting, and the next installment of pretty much every one of my WIPs is stalled at the half-finished stage. Might have to resort to posting half-chapters, just to keep myself going... *crosses fingers and hopes to find a little free time to write this weekend*
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Just a short little ficlet this time.

BtVS/HP crossover, Wish , Not Synonymous universe, AU, FRC )

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Finally came up with a title for both the series and the fic. No major changes here, just a few minor edits for punctuation and wording. I'm reposting it for the sake of convenience in tagging and so that those avoiding it because it was posted as a random scribble will be aware that it's now officially one of a series.

BtVS/HP crossover fic, Visit , Not Synonymous Universe, AU, pairings and warnings behind cut )

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Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter

Series Pairings: Xander/Spike, Giles/Ethan/Anyanka, Tara/Willow/Oz, Drusilla/Cordelia, Buffy/Riley, Angel(us)/Wes, Harry/Draco, possibly others

Rating: Will vary from story to story

Series Warnings: Swearing, Mention of Threesomes, Slash, more to be added as required

The "Not Synonymous" series is a BtVS/HP crossover. It is majorly AU both for BtVS (events took a right turn at Albuquerque beginning sometime around "School Hard" in Season Two) & for HP (for reasons which will become obvious in a hurry). HP's timeline is shifted so that its Book One/Year One begins a year after BtVS Season Seven.

Stories in the series are *not* being written in chronological order, nor do they necessarily need to be read in any particular order (though "Visit" actually does make a good starting point).

Stories in order written:


Stories in chronological order:


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Lots going on, as per usual lately, but I did take the time to go see the new Pixar film "Cars" on Friday. Let me just say - WOW. Gorgeous animation, cute story with lots of message yet not a lot of preachiness, plenty of layers to the jokes and storyline... Extremely entertaining and enjoyable. Well worth the admission price. Two thumbs up. *grin* I'd rate it right up there by "Toy Story", I think.

Church picnic today, so I haven't gotten a whole lot of writing done. However, while I continue working on the WIPs, I do have another of those little (well, over 3700 words might be pushing it a bit for 'little', but anything under 5000 words is pretty short for me...) rough scribblings to share. This is kind of... err... odd, shall we say?... and a little experimental. It's also just one of several little scribblings related to this 'universe'. Most likely destined to be one of a series of one-shots showcasing significant events in the timeline. First, however, I need to come up with a series title, a story title, and figure out how the heck to number them since they're not going to be written (nor necessarily intended to be read) in chronological order...

HP Scribble #9, untitled BtVS/HP Crossover, AU (very), S/X (plus other BtVS pairings) )

[edit]Comments and suggestions are, as always, welcome... Comments disabled, please go to the final draft, titled "Visit", in the "Not Synonymous" universe here.

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Bah. Monday mornings. :P

I'm not going to post anything for my WIPs while still in rough draft since things sometimes change drastically before the final's ready. So, since the majority vote seems to be that you'll read anything, at least as long as you have a passing familiarity with the fandom, and since I'm trying to re-establish a write->post->write-some-more routine, I'm going to go ahead and give you one of the previously-mentioned random scribblings. For future reference, these suckers will get tagged with "random scribblings & teasers" and "rough draft" along with their appropriate fandom, etc. Hopefully, that will make the content nice and clear for those of you who don't want to be teased with bits and pieces of stories that may never develop any further. [edit]The tag info still applies to future postings but those tags have been removed from this one since its status has changed.[/edit]

That being said, this particular fic-bit may very well work as a one-shot. Since it's a new writing fandom for me, however, I'm less than completely confident in my characterizations, etc.

Choosing Allegiances (was Untitled HP scribble #2), FRT (Fan Rated for Teens), one-shot, HP fandom, post-HBP, HP/DM )

[edit]Those familiar with the fandom - what do you think? Is it even worth bothering with? Does it work as a one-shot? General comments?
Okay, as of now this is a one-shot, which may or may not become the first in a series.[/edit]

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