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I swear, HP bunnies must be able to apparate because they keep ending up in other fandoms' bunny pens and crossbreeding. :P Finished this late last night and held on to it till I gave it a once-over at lunch today.

Let's see if anyone figures this crossover out before the last line gives it away.

HP drabble/ficlet - gen, AU, xover, FRC (Fan Rated Suitable for Children) )
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Why, oh why, does HP seem to spawn so darn many AU xover drabbles/ficlets for me when every other fandom spawns long stories? And why won't the darn muse let me concentrate on my WIPs instead of providing me with these annoyingly persistent new plot bunnies? *sigh*

HP drabble/ficlet - gen, AU, xover, FRC (Fan Rated Suitable for Children) )
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Ack. What is it with me and crossovers lately? Not to mention me and writing short things, especially in the HP fandom. Anything else, I get to write a few paragraphs of some monster-length plot, but HP, I get to write drabbles and ficlets. *pokes muse*

Err, and what's with the gen ficlet bunnies? *pokes muse again*

Untitled HP ficlet, HP/OMG! xover, gen, Rated FRC )

*Note: in case anyone doesn't recognize the other series, OMG! (aka AMG!) is Oh (Ah!) My Goddess! (Japanese title: Aa! Megami-sama!). Wikipedia has a decent explanation of the series here:
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While doing a bit of file reorganization on my computer, I came across a rather old little fic fragment, barely even a drabble. I very nearly trashed it but ended up rescuing it from the Recycle Bin with the notion that maybe I could turn it into something to post for Valentine's Day. Well, I kind of missed my date goal, but I did finally turn it into something that I'm not ashamed to post. It remains untitled, however, :P so suggestions are more than welcome.

Untitled Valentine's Day ficlet, GW, 1+2, Rated FRT for language )

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