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Taking off tomorrow for a few days away from home. Not going to be a writing trip, unfortunately, since I'm going with the folks and they already complain about how much time I spend on the computer (they've been reading too many news stories about Internet addiction, I think :P ), but I plan on taking my new eBookwise loaded with fic along for the drive and the evenings at the motel. I bought and downloaded a few 'normal' ebooks (sci fi and fantasy) for 'cover' in case anyone gets curious about the device itself and wants to take a look at it (family can be too darn nosy sometimes).

If anybody has a suggestion or three to make regarding good, long, complete slash/yaoi fic that I can grab in HTML, TXT, Rocket eBook (.rb), DOC, or RTF format (I've got the software to translate those into the appropriate files for my eBookwise, though I've yet to attempt a DOC or RTF conversion) in any of the fandoms and pairings that I like, post away. Gen fic that has my fav couples as friends/allies and not paired with anyone else is okay, too. Happy/hopeful endings for the guys are a definite requirement. Being able to download the whole fic as a single file is a bonus.

I'm mainly looking for recs of stories that I might not have run across previously and it's probably going to be tough to find anything that's new-to-me in GW fandom, possibly in TS, SG-1, and BtVS as well. However, hope springs eternal, so...

Fic recs requested for the following fandoms and pairings:

Gundam Wing (1x2x1 or 1x2x5 only)
The Sentinel (Jim/Blair only)
Ranma 1/2 (Ranma/Ryoga or Ranma/Ryoga/Mousse only)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Spike/Xander only)
Harry Potter (Harry/Draco only)
X-Men (Logan/Remy -> Wolverine/Gambit only)
Stargate SG-1 (Jack/Daniel only)

*crosses fingers*

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