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I originally typed this up as a comment for someone's flist-locked post. Having done so, it seemed like rather a waste not to share the info more widely, especially since I've been half intending to do so ever since I got my beloved new Cybook ebook reader just before Christmas.

For the sake of everyone who wants a better/easier way to grab stories (especially from sites like and to read offline, here's three good (free) options (the best, IMHO, is the last one):

First, there's an online fic download helper site which supports 19 sites available at Haven't used it myself, but I've heard it works pretty well and can make it much easier to get stories as nice clean HTML that can be easily converted to any other desired format. From the site: "FicSavers.Com allows you to easily save stories from many fan fiction archives to plain .html files with customizable font & background colors and font faces."

The first freeware program - which I used for quite a while before finding something even better - is DeFFNetizer. Just give it the story id and it will download & save all of the stories chapters in individual HTML files. It works for Fanfiction.Net and TTHFanFic.Com (Twisting The Hellmouth), plus has either limited current functionality or planned future functionality for FicWad.Com, LOTRFanFiction.Com, PortKey.Org, HarryPotterFanFiction.Com, and DeFFNetizer is available for Windows and Mac, plus Python source code is available if anyone's particularly adventurous.

The third option, Fanfiction Downloader, is my favourite. It's available for Windows only; I'm not sure whether the developer would be willing/able to compile a version for Mac or not. The current release (3.8) supports the following sites:

- (test)
- (schnoogle, astronomy....)

Fanfiction Downloader will save as individual chapters or as a single file. The developer originally wrote it for his own convenience in transferring fanfiction to his Palm for offline reading. It now supports saving in your choice of RTF, HTML, and PDF format.

Now that I have my Cybook, I generally convert the HTML files to Mobipocket format, but when I just had my eBookwise 1150, I used to convert HTML to its native IMP format.

Anyone who wants to read on a mobile device should go check out the forums at MobileRead. If you have any doubts over how to best get your stories on your device in a convenient format, or even over which device is best for your purposes, it's the perfect place to ask. There's advice and links to software to help get reading content onto pretty much any device that you can imagine.

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