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Well, I think it's time to officially declare the 2004 GW WIP Contest closed. The results were somewhat mixed - a few completed stories, a few with new chapters, and a lot with no progress :( - but, overall, I think it was worth the effort. If any of the participating authors who managed to get at least one new part posted during the contest have not received a fanart commission yet, please leave a comment or send me an email. ([ profile] granate, I haven't forgotten yours for "Layers", but my emails don't seem to be getting through to you.) Hopefully, I didn't miss anybody, but considering how spotty my mailing list and LJ reading has been for the past year or so, it's all too possible that I did.

Now, that being said, those authors who didn't manage to get any new parts posted, or those who got one or two parts posted but didn't manage to finish the story are not out of luck. I am going to be replacing the GW WIP Contest with a new, ongoing, WIP Challenge (a more appropriate term, really, since there's no actual competition taking place). The new WIP Challenge will be open-ended (no set deadline). Once again, it will be open to Gundam Wing stories, but this time it will be open to The Sentinel and Ranma 1/2 stories as well. There will be some form of award (fanart, zine/doujinshi, etc.) for story completion, of course, as well as an interim award to encourage authors. The interim award will be commissioned fanart. The exact requirements to receive an interim award still need to be determined, but I'm leaning towards basing it on new story parts reaching a set percentage of the work as a whole. Basing it on a set wordcount probably doesn't make sense, as some stories are inevitably much longer than others.

More WIP Challenge details )

Comments and suggestions regarding the challenge rules and requirements are very welcome. The official announcement (and opening of nominations) will probably not happen until the first of the year, since I have to work out a number of details regarding the practical aspects of this (nomination process, definition of "reasonable progress", etc.).

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