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Hopefully, I don't re-read this later and decide that it sucks, since I'm posting more-or-less "hot off the press" (only one pass on the self-beta this time). But it's late, and I'm tired, and I kind of promised you all a little GW or TS by today, so here goes nothing:

More Untitled Regency Christmas fic (GW AU, 1=2, 3=4) )

Y'know, this is really ending up a lot longer than originally expected. *sweatdrops*

Will try to work on catching up on LJ and email responses during lunch today... *crosses fingers* Assuming nothing melts down at work, that is... *gives temperamental DNS server the evil eye*

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Sorry it's so short - blame it on my brother and his wife, who gave me Civilization IV for my birthday. I'll try to resist getting sucked in quite as badly as I did with the previous Civ games. At any rate, as a "Thank You" for all the "Happy Birthday" wishes sent my way, here's the next scene...

Untitled Regency Christmas fic continued )

Well, that took a slightly different turn than expected. *blinks and eyes fic's innocent-looking fluff/romance bunny suspiciously*

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Another short little bit - enjoy!

Untitled Regency Christmas fic )

calic0cat: (Default)'s a little more of that untitled Regency Christmas fic. Title suggestions are more than welcome, BTW.

Untitled Regency Christmas fic cont. (GW, AU, 1=2, 3=4) )

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*sigh* Well, I'd hoped to have this done in time for Christmas, but unfortunately people have actually expected me to socialize, for heaven's sake. What a waste of good writing time!!

At any rate, rather than wait till I'm done (and risk the poor thing languishing on my hard drive till next Christmas), I've decided to go ahead and post it in pieces, so people will poke me into finishing it. Or at least, I hope that someone will like this odd little AU enough to poke me into finishing it. *sweatdrops* Author's notes are at the end of the post (go read them if you're totally lost and confused), but the only real warning is that this is very, very, very AU.

au100 Theme #92 - Christmas - Untitled WIP 1/? (GW, AU, 1=2, 3=4) )

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