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...just really swamped by RL stuff. Again. Or should that be still? Whatever.

Anyway, I have been getting some writing done, but most of what I'm working on isn't ready for posting. I'd hoped to have the next "Mission: Nerima" chapter ready, but didn't quite make it. I'm also holding on to "Kindergarten Heero" since I want to finish the story before posting the next chapter (only one chapter and an epilogue left, I think). Ditto for the GW Regency Xmas fic and "Life with Heero" - I have more done, but I want another part ready before I post what's completed, just in case I need to do a little bit of "tweaking".

I've also got a good start on one of the other S/X BtVS fics, but I figured I'd better not start posting another S/X WIP before even adding another part to the previously-untitled one that I've already started posting (which is now titled "Artifact"). It's a little short, but it was a logical spot to end the part, so here it is:

Artifact 2/? - Post-season 7 BtVS AU, FRT for profanity, future S/X )

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One of the hazards of jumping back and forth between fics, writing a little here and a little there as the muse allows, is that you don't end up with anything long enough to post, let alone anything that's actually finished. Hopefully, I'll have either a TS or GW bit that's long enough to post either tomorrow or the day after but, for now, here's a little bit of something that's headed for S/X pre-slash - eventually. *eyes snippet* Though even pre-slash is stretching it at the moment, since this kind of looks like it's headed for a series of ficlets rather than a single, longer, story...

Artifact 1/? - Post-season 7 BtVS AU, FRT for profanity, future S/X )

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