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Hi folks. Long time no post. Real Life has been keeping me otherwise occupied. Still trying to write but unfortunately screwed up and completely blocked myself by refusing to start any new projects until I finished some of my unfinished ones. So, nothing new to post story wise.

However, I have a favour to ask. My union local has been asked to spread the word in support of CUPE Local 2974 who are approaching a lockout/strike deadline. They're having a rough go of it with an employer who doesn't think that the "negotiation" part of contract negotiations applies. That local (library employees) is doing a social media blitz on Monday to tell their employer (the Essex County Library Board) "Don't dictate, negotiate". I'm copying and pasting (below the cut) the letter that was sent out. Please share and participate if possible. Let's help demonstrate the power and reach of social media and hopefully embarrass the employer (and the county council pulling the strings and looking to set a precedent that doesn't bode well for any unions locally, provincially, nationally, or beyond) - maybe if they face worldwide scrutiny and criticism then they'll be willing to negotiate, not dictate.


The members of Local 2974, the employees of Essex County Library are involved in some rough bargaining. We are a small sub unit with only 58 members so any voices we can get to add to ours is a plus. We have mediation on June 22. Legal lockout/strike 12:01 on June 25. So far the employer is not willing to move on any issues.

We have a social media blitz planned for June 20 at which time we will encourage people to tweet, facebook, email and call concerned parties and urge them to negotiate a fair deal and keep libraries open.

To that end we are asking you to help amplify our message by liking and sharing our Facebook page - CUPE Local 2974 - Library
Our Twitter handle is @CUPE2974 - follow and retweet.

Social Media Blast June 20 - we want to tweet, facebook, email etc on that day.
Here is the message we want to send:
Tell @essexcountylib Board Keep libraries open!
@CUPE2974 wants to serve their community

We have also set up a Thunderclap - you can follow this link and add your voice to hundreds of others in a virtual thunderclap. Click share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and it will post for you at the exact same time as everyone else.

Also, please contact Essex County Council members and library board members and let them know you want a fair deal negotiated and you DO NOT want a work stoppage at the library.

Library Board Members
Richard Meloche - Deputy Mayor ESS - 519-982-2776
Nelson Santos - Mayor KIN - Twitter handle - @NSantos007 -
Bart DiPasquale - Deputy Mayor AMH -
Bill Varga (lay appointee)
Andrew Dowie (lay appointee) - twitter handle - @Andrew_Dowie
Steve Nepszy (lay appointee)

Essex County Council members
Warden Tom Bain, Mayor, Town of Lakeshore
Al Fazio, Deputy Mayor, Town of Lakeshore
Deputy Warden Ken Antaya, Mayor, Town of LaSalle
Marc A. Bondy, Deputy Mayor, LaSalle
Aldo DiCarlo, Mayor,Town of Amherstburg
Bart DiPasquale, Deputy Mayor,Town of Amherstburg
Ron McDermott, Mayor, Town of Essex
Richard Meloche, Deputy Mayor, Town of Essex
Nelson Santos, Mayor,Town of Kingsville
Gord Queen, Deputy Mayor, Town of Kingsville
John Paterson, Mayor, Leamington
Hilda MacDonald, Deputy Mayor, Leamington
Gary McNamara, Mayor, Town of Tecumseh
Joe Bachetti, Deputy Mayor, Town of Tecumseh

If it should come down to a strike please come support us on the picket lines.

Thank you all in advance for helping us out. It is greatly appreciated.

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