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I've had a number of emails, etc., lately, wondering what's going on and why I haven't been around. The short answer is that I have, quite simply, been overwhelmed with so many RL issues that I simply haven't had the time or energy to post anything. I've occasionally read a few posts and I've got a few flagged in Read It Later (a Firefox extension that's absolutely irreplaceable), but that's been about the limit of what I've been doing online. I've done a bit of writing, off-and-on, but there's nothing that's had sufficient progress to be ready for posting.

The details of what's been going on are far too many to get into - just thinking about listing them makes me tired - but I will list a few, just to give everyone some idea why I've been (and will probably continue to be) so quiet.

October and November were busier than I'd anticipated but that was about it. December was when things started to get out of hand. I'd planned to do podcasts of a few of my fics for Christmas but unfortunately I ended up with a cough and cold that just wouldn't go away, from about mid-December through till New Year's. I then managed to get thrown by a horse (not one of my own) and spent several weeks drugged up with prescription anti-inflammatories/muscle relaxants/pain killers. The only thing that I actually broke was my helmet but I banged up my back and ribs pretty thoroughly; lots of soft tissue damage and most likely bruising or maybe even cracking of bone, particularly my lower ribs). There's still a fair bit of tenderness in some spots but thanks to chiropractic and massage therapy treatments, I'm healing up pretty well. Also in that late December-present time period, I became an aunt for the first time (my niece is adorable but she's been high-maintenance pretty much since my sister-in-law went into labour), our barn roof deteriorated to the point where heavy rain outside means a steady drizzle inside (right through the hay loft and down into the stalls below), my dad's heart problems worsened which, in addition to the stress and worry, meant that I had to take over caring for the horses, our refrigerator died on the Sunday afternoon of a holiday weekend, a cousin had major knee surgery, another cousin's kid had a bad tobogganing accident and ended up needing surgery for a badly broken leg, work got insanely busy and stayed that way (winter is usually a fairly slow season), and our area got more snow dumped on it than we've experienced in decades.

Yeah, so far, 2009 sucks - and definitely not in a good way.

So... I'd really like to be able to say that things are settling down and that I'll be around more but... I don't think that would be the truth. I'm going to have to come up with the cash/credit to either re-roof the barn (a huge, 70-plus-year-old gambrel-roofed monster that would cost $16,000-20,000 just to re-roof - and it needs new clapping (siding) too, plus electrical and plumbing work) or to build a new, much smaller, more modern barn (probably around $20,000-$25,000, if I'm lucky). The cousin's kid will have to have more surgery later this year. With some medication adjustments, my dad is doing better but he's still not going to be able to do nearly the same things that he was doing before, even after he gets his defib. implanted, which means a lot of changes around here.  I'm pretty much permanently tired and overwhelmed and I can't see that changing until after I get the barn issue dealt with and my dad gets his surgery safely over with. 

In summary: yes, I'm still alive and still interested in fandom (as much as I can summon up the energy to be interested in anything). No, I haven't given up on any of my writing but I haven't got anything ready to post, either, sorry. No, I'm probably not going to be around much for the foreseeable future. Yes, I do intend to come back just as soon as possible.

And, yes, 2009 does indeed suck. Big time. :P 

P.S. My apologies in advance for the fact that I probably won't be able to find the time and/or energy to respond to comments. Sorry, folks.

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