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*props eyelids open and waves wearily* Hey folks. Long time, no post. And (probably) will be a long time till the next post, too. :P We've been super-busy with summer horse shows, fall fairs, etc. and that's not going to change till, oh, mid-October or thereabouts. In the past eight weeks, for example, we've competed with our horses at two ploughing matches and four horse shows (some of which ran over ten hours!), driven in two parades, and taken part in four trail ride/drives. And that doesn't even include the non-horse-related stuff (church picnic, family birthday parties, etc.), or the two horse shows that were rained out (*after* we had everything cleaned, packed, and loaded to go, of course :P ), or all of the practice time for the horse shows and ploughing matches. *keels over from exhaustion*

We've still got at least two (possibly three) more horse shows and two trail ride/drives yet to go. *cringes at thought* So, while I hopefully will get a chance to pop in at some point before then, it may well be Halloween before I get a chance to say more than 'Hey, still alive, muses have actually been talking to me again lately but unfortunately no time to write down what they have to say.' :P

A small ray of light in all of this is the fact that we've actually done pretty well at a few of the events: second at one of the ploughing matches, a couple of firsts and handful of thirds in driving classes, a Best Horse on Grounds in halter class at one show (wow, was that ever a pleasant surprise!), and even a couple of ribbons (one third and one sixth) from riding classes, which we usually don't enter at all. All of the practice even paid off, as we managed to not only survive our first-ever tandem driving class but actually managed to place third in the next one. Oh, yes, plus I finally dropped the major cash (about $250) to buy a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, as I was having an awful time driving (cars and horses both) due to extreme squinting and eyestrain. Very expensive sunglasses but worth every penny, as I went from serious eye exhaustion and headache pain after half an hour of driving to having no headache *or* eyestrain after two hours of driving to a show, plus all day out in the sun, then another two hours of driving home (driving into the sunrise in the morning and into sunset at night). Now I just have to save up the even more major bucks (around $550) to afford a prescription pair of the same, for the days when I don't want to wear my contacts.

Also got a new toy - an Asus Eee PC (the 2G Surf model) - for free, courtesy of the Royal Bank. I had to change my account to a different type and fit a few other criteria (all of which I already had covered), and they gave me the little sucker for free. The new account type costs a little more per month, but then again, it also covers the fees for up to three other accounts, so I actually come out even or a little ahead in the end. Haven't had time to actually play with it much yet but, so far, it seems surprisingly responsive and easy to use considering how tiny it is.

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