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Due to the number of cover scans & page samples, I'm splitting the doujinshis that are for sale into several separate posts. Links to all of the doujinshi-for-sale posts are available here

Since I have no clue what I paid for most of these, I'm going to put a flat price of $10 each, or 3 for $25, on them for now. Other deals can be arranged if you want to buy a larger number of djs. If the price is too high or too low, hopefully someone with a better idea of the values will give me a heads-up. *sweatdrops* Shipping will be the actual postage charges. Doujinshi scans are from my actual zines; where available, detailed DJ info is copied from Mind Education: Kagenami Q's Gundam Wing Doujinshi Reference Digs. Please note that, while I have not posted any explicit pages from any doujinshi, most of these do contain explicit yaoi sex; please do not attempt to buy them if you are not above the age of majority in your country. If you wish to have the presence or absence of explicit images in a specific dj confirmed, please ask and I will check. Thanks!

Note: All of my "For Sale" Gundam Wing doujinshi have now been posted. Please check all "for sale" posts for changes, as there have been a few additions to previous posts.

Sango Show

Unmei 3 ("Destiny 3")

  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 32 pages
  • Printed 5/03/97

Unmei Saishuukan 7 ("Destiny Final Volume 7")

  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 48 pages
  • Printed 5/03/98

Takano Yuu / Hayate Wataru

Brand Kiss - SOLD - [ profile] chocobowings

Printed 1996.3.3; B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 78 pages. 

Top Cat

Timeless World

Printed 1995.08.18; B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 54 pages.

Tsukise-in - SOLD - Lyndsey

Unknown Title

Printed 1996.8.3; B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 35 pages.

Note: Rather confusing - part 2x1, part 3x1 but almost gives the impression that Heero's hallucinating & thinks Trowa is Duo? Not quite sure where the bits with Trowa patching up Duo come into it, either. Weird but some very pretty artwork.
Outer cover is not attached but looks as if it never was.


Angel Sanctuary

Printed 1996.12.28; B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 50 pages.



  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 50 pages
  • Printed 10/27/1996

  • Honey

    • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
    • 54 pages
    • Printed 5/03/1996


  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 58 pages
  • Printed 8/03/1996

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