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Due to the number of cover scans & page samples, I'm splitting the doujinshis that are for sale into several separate posts. Links to all of the doujinshi-for-sale posts are available here

Since I have no clue what I paid for most of these, I'm going to put a flat price of $10 each, or 3 for $25, on them for now. Other deals can be arranged if you want to buy a larger number of djs. If the price is too high or too low, hopefully someone with a better idea of the values will give me a heads-up. *sweatdrops* Shipping will be the actual postage charges. Doujinshi scans are from my actual zines; where available, detailed DJ info is copied from Mind Education: Kagenami Q's Gundam Wing Doujinshi Reference Digs. Please note that, while I have not posted any explicit pages from any doujinshi, most of these do contain explicit yaoi sex; please do not attempt to buy them if you are not above the age of majority in your country. If you wish to have the presence or absence of explicit images in a specific dj confirmed, please ask and I will check. Thanks!


Get Lost - SOLD - [ profile] luel_exana

  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 50 pages
  • Printed 7/05/98 (Second edition 11/01/98)

  • Note: I believe that this is the second edition.

    Juke Box  - SOLD - [ profile] luel_exana

    B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 44 pages.

    Megasaikuru IV ~MEGA CYCLE~ ("Megacycle IV ~MEGA CYCLE~") - SOLD - [ profile] linkworshipper

  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 74 pages
  • Printed 9/23/99

  • Kotobukitei (Tohru Azumi)

    Boo-Boo - SOLD - [ profile] chocobowings

  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 32 pages
  • Printed 10/1996


    Kuriharaya (Gotoshi Itou)


    • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
    • 52 pages
    • Printed 6/02/1996
    • Manga; Duo main, includes Heero x Duo and Trowa & Quatre.

    Lunatis (??) - Min Haruno & Hiroka Kanan

    Jungle-Wing (Jungle-W Fourth)
    - SOLD - [ profile] squeakymcsqueak

    B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 42 pages.


    Magnum 55


    Printed 1995.12.29; B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches); 67 pages.

    Note: Approximately 17 pages are text. Also note that there are semi-explicit images in this doujinshi (positions are suggestive but no "bits" are visible).

    Melt Down

    Get Away Together  - SOLD - [ profile] luel_exana

  • B5 size (7 1/4 inches by 10 1/8 inches)
  • 52 pages
  • Printed 3/03/96

  • Date: 2008-04-25 02:34 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    What's the 411 on Megacycle? Like the art, but how's the content?

    Date: 2008-04-25 03:41 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Hmm. Kind of hard to describe the content, actually. Because Megacycle IV is the final one in the series, it kind of picks up in the middle of things. It's been long enough since I looked at the other ones that I had that I don't quite remember the overall storyline (or rather, what little I'd figured out of it) and since they've already sold and been shipped, I can't refresh my memory. There are some bits with the other pilots but I'm not quite sure what's going on with them. They don't seem to be in the same place with Duo and Heero at all in this volume.

    That being said, it's definitely 1x2/2x1 and there's one suggestive-explicit (no actual "naughty bits" visible) lemon scene in the midst of the ruins of a building. It looks like Duo's having flashbacks or something and has a breakdown, but it looks like Heero eventually manages to talk him down/bring him back to reality. My personal take on it is that the two of them have a hopeful ending, based on their last kiss (which appears to be followed by Duo finally crying and letting himself grieve for Sister Helen and everything else that had happened). That's where the main story ends. I couldn't figure out the epilogue at all.

    Really gorgeous artwork in the whole series, but pretty hard to follow for someone who can't read a word of Japanese.

    Date: 2008-04-25 03:46 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Well, I'll take your word for it and perhaps snap that one up too. If at least to make up for certain hawks that fly around the sun who kidnapped the few Degital Papas I don't have XDDD OMG, it'll be something keep myself alive for when I feel like stabbing my wrists with all these damn finals O___O How much are you asking?

    Date: 2008-04-25 04:14 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    I'm asking $10 each or 3 for $25. You've got two picked out, so that would be $20 plus shipping. Want to add one more for another $5?

    Date: 2008-04-25 04:28 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    I might as well, haha. Hmm... the problem with a lot of these is that I either already have them, or I look at them and figure I can draw better. Which ones would you rec? I do kinda prefer 2x1, but I really don't mind 1x2 so long as Duo isn't all girly and all.

    Date: 2008-04-25 11:56 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    I think they're pretty much all 2x1, with the exception of the one with Duo with bat wings and a scythe on the cover, and the Bank Holiday; 1x2 seems to be much harder to find, at least from what I've seen so far. "Eternal" is nice; I almost kept that one.

    Date: 2008-04-25 03:28 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    *nodnod* I noticed that am not complaining haha. Hmmmmmmm, let's see here... I like the artist who did Kanzen Duo x Heero Sengen! but I have a bunch of hers and I can't remember if that's one of them. (I wish I had my DJ collection handyyyyyy....) Do you think I should just go with it and figure I can sell it if it turns out I dooo have it? I must fail at looking for stuff, because I browsed for Eternal and failed, but... how do you feel about Virus Program and Genesis? Specifically, how's the art? *is snob* If it's meh, I think I'll take my chances on Kanzen...

    sorry i fail at decision making... i so lose T__T

    Date: 2008-04-25 11:32 pm (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    I'm not that thrilled with the content of the Kanzen Duo X Heero Sengen myself - Duo and Heero have an existing relationship implied. Heero somehow gets turned into a child version of himself and apparently Duo needs to "help" him climax (in order to return to his normal age, I think, but the whole thing is kind of weird and not subject matter that I find very comfortable). It looks like he returns to his usual age briefly, then reverts again and needs Duo's assistance again. Weird. Then, in the second part, Heero wakes up as a 20-something version of himself, which apparently embarrasses/intimidates the heck out of Duo, as he promptly blushes, hides his face and hands Heero his boxers. Some sort of explanation involving pills follows, Duo ends up taking them too (I think with the idea that he'll end up the same age as Heero again), and then there's a 20-something Heero and a child Duo. Like I said, weird.

    Between the Finder-W Virus Program doujinshi and the two Genesis ones, I'd say that the Finder-W has the nicer artwork. It's more detailed and there's more background in the scenes. There is some explicit (or maybe more like semi-explicit) content. Personally, I like the art better than the Kanzen art, but personal taste can vary considerably. The Genesis ones don't have *bad* artwork but they're not really anything special, either.

    Eternal was under "Other Circles" since I have no idea who it's by. Note the "was" however - somebody else was "fast like ninja" and snapped it up.

    Date: 2008-04-26 12:02 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Oooh, wow, I'm not sure if that would work for me too. Thanks for your rec... I suppose I'll go with the Finder-W then. *shakes fist at Sunnie, for I'm sure she's the only one who's that fast* XDDD Thanks for your help O__O I fail at being decisive. Do I paypal your email addy or what>

    Date: 2008-04-26 01:07 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Nope, can't blame Sunnie this time, it was in fact someone else.

    Payment - send me an email at calic0cat(at)fastmail(dot)fm with your mailing address so I can get a shipping cost for you.

    Date: 2008-05-02 01:33 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Hey Link, just wanted to say that your payment arrived and your djs are on their way. Let me know when they get there, please.

    Date: 2008-05-02 06:37 am (UTC)
    From: [identity profile]
    Haha, awesome, thanks! I'll be sure to let you know. Just so you're aware, the NYC post suuuuuuucks when shit gets into the city, so it might take some time. But I'm sure it'll get here at some point and I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks again =D yay i got through the semester aliiiiiiive!!

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